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Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

Salted Codfish with Cucumber and Eucalyptus

Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira is the S.Pellegrino Young Chef finalist for the North West Europe Region.

16 November, 2020
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Type of dish

serves for


total time

1 HR 0 MIN


Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus leaves
25 g
Grape seed oil
70 g
Cucumber pickles
1 piece
White cooking vinegar
100 g
200 g
Caster sugar
50 g
Eucalyptus leaves
1 piece
Cucumber granita
1 piece
to taste
Salted cod fish
600 g, with bones
500 g
150 g
Fish Fumet
700 g
Cream liquid
250 g
1 branch
1 piece
Pepper seeds
5 pieces
Olive oil
Cucumber on fire
Eucalyptus leaves
10 t0 15 pieces
1 piece
Olive oil

This recipe is a delicious, delicate dish with salted codfish and the light summer freshness of cucumber and eucalyptus. It’s a great dish to enjoy at lunchtime while it’s warm, or also as a starter if you want to prepare a nice dinner for family or friends.

For this recipe, chef Alexandre Alves Pereira worked with elements he is particularly fond of: raw fish, herbs/plants and vegetables. He also uses different techniques and was inspired by his Portuguese origins. The idea of the salted codfish and eucalyptus came from there. It is a unique and surprising dish reflecting Pereira's personality, but also influenced by worldwide gastronomy.

Salted codfish is a famous Portuguese dish (bacalhau), and there are many ways to prepare it. You could say that this dish is like Proust's madeleine for Pereira, connected to many memories from Portugal.

Step 01

Eucalyptus oil

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For eucalyptus oil 

Put the eucalyptus leaves in a mixer bowl.

Heat oil at 60°C.

Pour the oil onto the leaves and mix for one minute. 

Strain in a sieve with filter paper.

Rest for 2 hours (or until the next day).


Chef tips: If you don't have fresh eucalyptus leaves you can use dry leaves.

Step 02

Cucumber pickles

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For cucumber pickles

Put water, vinegar, and sugar in a pot and bring to the boil.

Take it off the heat and add one eucalyptus leaf to perfume the syrup.

Take a melon baller and make cucumber balls

Put the cucumber balls in the syrup and keep it in the fridge for later (ideally, the preparation should rest for a couple of hours).

Step 03

cucumber granita

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For cucumber granita

Take the rest of the cucumber and grate it with a microplane, season it with salt.

Put the grated cucumber in a bowl and into the freezer. Continue to grate it with a fork every hour until it’s completely frozen. You should obtain a granita consistency.

Step 04

Salted cod fish

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For salted codfish

Put water and salt in a pot and bring it to the boil. Let the water completely cool down.

Filet the fish, remove the fish bones and the skin.

Put the codfish in the cold salted water for 5 to 7 minutes, depending on how thick the flesh is.

Rinse the codfish in clear water for 5 minutes and reserve in the fridge.

Step 05

Fish fumet

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For Fish Fumet

In a pot, put a bit of olive oil, then add fish bones and make it sweat for 2 minutes.

Add thyme, garlic, pepper and water.

When water boils, cook it on low heat for twenty minutes. After, let it rest for another twenty minutes.

Strain with a sieve, bring the remaining liquid to the boil and reduce it at least by half, and then add the cream.

Cook on low heat until it gets a creamy texture almost like egg custard.

Reserve it for later.

Step 06

Cucumber on fire

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For Cucumber on Fire

Wash cucumber, then cut it in half and rub it with olive oil, add a little bit of salt.

Put a skewer through the cucumber, place it on a grill, with eucalyptus leaves under it, then char it on both sides.

Wipe the cucumber with a paper towel

Cut it into a brunoise, remove the cucumber seeds.

Step 07

Cutting the fish

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For cutting the fish

Cut the codfish in two parts.

Slice the tail into tartare and add it to the cucumber brunoise.

Slice the codfish diagonally, into slices of 2 mm each.

Align 5 to 6 slices of fish, and roll them together (not too tight).

Lightly apply pressure on the slices in order to 'open' them and make it look like a rose.

Step 08

plate arrangement

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

For Plating

Put one large spoon of fish fumet onto the plate

Dip the handle of a small spoon in the eucalyptus oil and lightly put a few drops of the oil on the fish fumet cream.

Put the codfish rose on one side.

A large spoon of grilled cucumber and tartare.

A spoon of cucumber granita, with 3 drops of eucalyptus oil.

Strain cucumber balls and place 3 pickled cucumbers balls on the plate.

Step 09

Final dish detail

Photo: courtesy of Chef Alexandre Alves Pereira

The final dish. 

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