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Mushroom Cookies by Ross Lewis of Chapter One Restaurant

Food on the Edge

Mushroom Cookies by Ross Lewis of Chapter One Restaurant

Learn how to re-create these original Mushroom Cookies by chef Ross Lewis of Chapter One Restaurant in Dublin as served during the Food on the Edge National launch party in August 2019.

28 August, 2019
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For the cookie dough
All purpose flour
Unsalted butter
80g (brown mushroom powder)
Cold and diced
For the mushroom purée
200g (flat cap mushrooms)
200g (chestnut mushrooms)
Fat cream
For the mushroom disc
Button mushrooms
12 (large white button mushrooms)

Step 01

For the cookie dough

Mix all dry ingredients, add cold small diced butter bit by bit to dry.

Step 02

Mix and stir mixing with your hands till all the butter is mixed all the way through.

Step 03

Chill in the fridge.

Step 04

Roll between silpat and cut with ring cutter – 35ml.

Step 05

Bake a 175° fan off for 14 minutes.

Step 06

For the mushroom purée:

Sautée the mushrooms in the butter and slow cook out for 15-20 minutes. Add the cream and simmer for 4/5 minutes and then puree. Following this, pass and chill.

Step 07

For the mushroom disc:

Slice the button mushrooms thinly on a Japanese mandolin, using a 20mm cutter.

Step 08

To assemble

Pipe the mushroom purée on top of each biscuit and top with a
mushroom disc.

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