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Beef Tenderloin “Plunged” In Merlot With Shallots And Tail Of Veal

Beef Tenderloin “Plunged” In Merlot With Shallots And Tail Of Veal

Beef tenderloin recipe with veal tail, cooked in Merlot wine: a mouth watering main course for the most gourmet dinner by chef Luigi Lafranco

03 May, 2012
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serves for


total time

2 HR 30 MIN


Veal tail
1, cut into 6 pieces
100 g
100 g
100 g
100 g
Red wine
500 ml
200 ml
Beef tenderloin
400 g, prime
Red wine
1 l
Beef stock
1 l
1 leaf
2 each
To taste
To taste


Tail of veal
Salt the tail pieces before browning them on both sides in a little oil. 
Deglaze with the red wine, cover with the meat sauce and oven cook with the lid on at 180°C for 1 hour and a half.  
Separate the meat from the bone and add it to the reduced sauce.

In a wide pan, prepare a sauce by cooking the wine, beef stock and herbs together for about half an hour, then reduce the temperature to 80°C before adding the beef fillet to the liquid.
Using a meat thermometer, cook the meat until its temperature reaches 56°C.
Then cut the fillet into slices of approximately 3 cm.  
Place the tail of veal and its sauce in the bottom of a deep serving dish with the slices of beef fillet on top.
Garnish to your liking with carrots, cooked shallots, asparagus and potatoes. 


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