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Lari Helenius

Photo: Courtesy of chef Lari Helenius

Lightly Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Lemon-Thyme Flavoured Tomato Water, Shrimps and Salmon Roe

Chef Lari Helenius won the Acqua Panna Award for Connection in Gastronomy for Euro Asia Region. 

04 June, 2021
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serves for


total time

4 HR 0 MIN


Lightly marinated cherry tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
20 pcs, different colours
White vinegar
100 g
Caster sugar
200 g
300 g
Black pepper
Poppy Seeds
20 g
Tomato water with lemon thyme oil
Over ripe tomatoes
600 g
1 clove
Lemon zest
1, grated
Lemon thyme oil
Lemon thyme leaves
0,5 dl
Neutral Oil
1 dl
Sour cream
Sour cream
100 g
Lemon juice
10 g
Artic ocean shrimps
Lemon juice
10 g
Olive oil
10 g
To finishing
Salmon roe
60 g
20 g
20 g, roasted
Lemon thyme leaves

Chef Lari Helenius has created a recipe that is a real hymn to summer. In the dish, the umami of marinated cherry tomatoes meets the sweetness of Arctic shrimps and lightly smoked salmon roe from Finland.
The sour cream gives creaminess to this dish, which is refreshed by tomato water and flavoured with lemon thyme.

A simple dish to prepare, but with a unique taste.


Step 01

Pickled tomatoes

Start by making the brine: boil vinegar, sugar and water, and let it cool to room temperature.   

Cut the tomatoes in half and pour the brine over them. Let them marinate for about three hours. Season with freshly ground black pepper and a good pinch of salt.

Roast the poppy seeds in a hot pan and sprinkle on top of the tomatoes.


Step 02

Tomato water

Tomato water

Wash the tomatoes and cut them into quarters. Add tomatoes, garlic, grated lemon zest and salt to a food processor and process until coarsely chopped.

Line a sieve with cheesecloth and set over a bowl. Pour pureed tomatoes into the sieve with the cheesecloth. Cover and chill for four hours or overnight. Do not press on the tomato mixture, let it strain by itself.


Step 03

Lemon thyme oil

Lemon thyme oil

Pick the leaves off a lemon thyme stem. Put the leaves and the oil in a food processor and process for about 60 seconds. Sieve through a cheesecloth.

Split the tomato water with lemon thyme oil.


Step 04

Sour cream

Photo: iStock

Sour cream

Lightly whip the sour cream and season with lemon juice and salt. Put it into the piping bag.


Peel the shrimps and toss them with lemon juice and olive oil.

Step 05


To finishing

Spread the marinated tomatoes on the plate. Pipe the sour cream and top the tomatoes with shrimps and salmon roe. Grate the roasted almonds and horseradish, and finish with lemon thyme leaves, chervil stems and chrysanthemum. Serve together with tomato water and lemon thyme oil. Serve everything lightly chilled and enjoy.


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