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E8: "Circus to Steel" Bob Kramer

E8: "Circus to Steel" Bob Kramer
Bob Kramer
Bob Kramer is America’s foremost knife maker and master bladesmith. His bespoke chefs’ knives go for as much as $50,000 at auction and he famously forged a knife for Anthony Bourdain, which became one of the chef’s most treasured possessions.

But how did Kramer become such an accomplished craftsman? It all started back in school, where as a dyslexic student, he struggled with traditional learning. He found solace in the woodshop and making things with his hands. Then, when he left school, Kramer stumbled upon a call for auditions for the circus. Somehow he found himself traveling America as a clown. It taught him much about how to live differently, about craft and continuous improvement. Traits that are forged into the knives he now creates.
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