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Milan: Where to Eat Near the Duomo for 25 Euros or Less

Milan: Where to Eat Near the Duomo for 25 Euros or Less

Seeking a quick lunch or light dinner for around 25 euros in the historic centre of Milan? It can be done. Here are some of the most useful addresses to save as favourites.
07 October, 2022

In the most touristic area of ​​Milan, the Duomo, it is possible to eat for around 25 euros without sacrificing food quality. Here is our selection of useful addresses if you want to have a quick lunch between a museum visit and a business appointment, or a simply light dinner in the fashion capital, a stone's throw from the Madonnina.

Slow Sud

Fuori dalla Norma dish of Slow Sud Restaurant Milan

Three young Sicilians from Syracuse - Anthony, Lorenzo and Luca - have brought a slice of the 'street food of the South' to Milan. In the 'Slow Sud' menu you will find some great Sicilian specialties, such as Parmigiana (9 euros) or Caponata (6.50 euros) sandwich style.

The bread and raw ingredients are also authentically Sicilian, which they cook into really satisfying first and second courses (around 12 euros), like meatballs with sauce or anelletti alla Palermo.

Spazio Niko Romito

Dish of Spazio Niko Romito Milan

Inaugurated in June 2015, on the third floor of the Duomo Market, Spazio Milano - Niko Romito's training restaurant - is testament to the success of a project that combines young talents and refined cuisine, without ever overdoing it.

How much will it set you back to eat here? In all honesty, for a complete menu of two or three courses, the bill will come in at more than our 25 euros. However, for those who choose to come here - perhaps for lunch - without exaggerating your order, there are options that allow you to eat for under 25 euros: first courses such as tortelli di baccalà (16 euros), main courses such as sea bass, sea bass milk, marjoram and bergamot (24 euros), and desserts such as puff pastry with walnuts, yogurt and apple (11 euros). Given the gastronomic offer, it's worth it.

For a complete tasting menu, on the other hand, you'll spend 60 euros (includes six tastings, two main dishes and a dessert, for the whole table - minimum two people).

Signor Vino

Cappelletti dish of Signor Vino Milan

Within sight of the Duomo, at the start of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, to be precise, is SignorVino, a chain known for its bars that offer fine wines in central locations.

Here you can buy one of the many wine labels in their catalogue, but you can also drink and eat. The dishes are divided between snacks, focaccia and real dishes; prosciutto cotto San Giovanni "Capitelli" accompanied by focaccia "pinsa" sourdough (11 euros); fried signorvino (6.90 euros), arrosticini (6.90 euros) and vegetarian tart (5.90) ​​to share at the table. There are also homemade desserts from 5 euros.

Saporè Milano by Renato Bosco

Pizza of Saporè Milan

Also found inside the 'Mercato del duomo' or Duomo Market, is a novelty of recent years: Saporè Milano, the pizzeria of Renato Bosco, the 'pizza researcher', as the multi-award-winning pizzialo likes to call himself.

This is the right place to try excellent and original baked products, where contemporary pizza is interpreted in innovative formulas: ranging from mozzarella di pane (a soft steamed and stuffed sandwich, registered trademark) to double crunch (very mixed leavened dough hydrated and crunchy, registered trademark), alla tonda.

The tasting menu (for at least two people) includes two mozzarella di pane®, 1 DoppioCrunch®, 1 pizza tonda, and 1 dessert, and costs 25 euros (only cover and drinks excluded).

Pasta B Jinghua

Dish of Pasta B Milan

And even if we are at the Duomo, a symbol of Milanese life, it's not all traditional Italian food. Just turn the corner and you will come across Pasta B, an international format that offers light Chinese/fusion cuisine with some notable twists. Prices are not so low, you'll eat for much less in many other Chinese restaurants in Milan, but if you are close to the centre, this is a guarantee.

It's in a modern location, just before the famous Hoepli bookshop. Try the steamed Singapore ravioli with Chinese cabbage, chives, pork, shrimp and crab, and the Thai style sautéed noodles.

Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre

Pizza Margherita Lievito Madre Milan

Craving Neapolitan pizza? In Milan there's, Gino Sorbillo with his 'Lievito Madre' or mother yeast, at the Duomo, the first place that the Neapolitan master pizza maker opened in the city, a few steps from the cathedral. Expect an enticing menu, good ingredients and even better desserts. You'll also spend much less than 25 euros, but it always depends on what you order, and above all on how much you order.

Also, not to be missed is Gino Sorbillo Pizza Gourmand in via Foscolo, which stands out for its regionally inspired pizzas. For fried pizza, go to Zia Esterina, always in the Duomo area, in via Agnello.

Maio Restaurant

Dish of Maio Restaurant Milan

Maio is not a low-cost restaurant, this is clear from its location - it's practically on the spiers of the Duomo - but also, for the signature cuisine proposed by chef Luca Seveso. However, if you want a restaurant for a limited lunch break and a panoramic view, enjoying a dish plus a glass of wine, the budget of 25 euros is more than respected.

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