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The Best Burgers in Dublin


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The Best Burgers in Dublin

Dublin's food scene has exploded recently, from high-end gastronomy to something a little more casual. Yes, we're talking burgers, so here's our guide to the best burgers in the Irish capital.
22 September, 2021

Dublin has established itself as one of the young, hip European capitals on the up and with a huge community of international tech heads working in the city centre, there is a vibrant food and drink scene. It’s a great city for burgers, with quality Irish beef at hand and a pub culture that suits the fast-casual form of eating. Here are eight of the best burgers in Dublin.

Bunsen Burger

Courtesy of Bunsen

Courtesy of Bunsen

With three restaurants, all on the southside of the river at Temple Bar, Wexford Street and Baggot Street, this fast-casual restaurant has cracked the burger code. No fuss, cool and just really, really good burgers. The devil is in the detail, from the high-quality patties, to the artisan buns - the compact menu allows you to choose your own topping. Whether you’re setting up yourself for a night in Temple Bar, or getting a feed in on your way home, you can’t go wrong with Bunsen Burger.


Bobo's Dublin

Courtesy of Bobo's

The name is a riff on the Gaelic for cow - bó - and the four branches of this restaurant are all about the beef. Irish beef is among the best in the world and this burger keeps it simple, allowing you to appreciate the great quality. With the beef supplied by a master butcher, it’s 100% Irish and fully traceable, meaning this burger always hits the spot. Also a good place for a full Irish breakfast.

Davy Byrne’s

Davy Byrne's

Courtesy of Davy Byrne's

A Dublin institution, this heritage pub is an old-school establishment serving Dubliners since 1798. With its art deco interior, outdoor seating and traditional bar service, it’s a slice of history. High-quality local produce takes central stage here, especially with the burgers that are supplied by the best Dublin butchers and put together with care. The pub was immortalised when James Joyce included it in the 'Lestrygonians' chapter of Ulysses. History, culture, Guinness and burgers all in one place.

FX Buckley

The Dublin butchers supply their own steakhouses and the centrally located one in Temple Bar can boast one of the best burgers in the city. This family-owned business takes great pride in their meat and the burgers come from grass-fed heifers from only traditional Irish breeds.


An upmarket steakhouse on Dawson Street with a solid burger offering. With an excellent taste and texture, the burger is smokey, has a real depth of flavour and is very juicy. From bacon to bun, the whole thing is of the highest quality. Voted best burger in 2020.

Eatyard, Nice Burger

Born from the Dun Laoghaire-based music festival Beatyard, the Eatyard has evolved into a freewheeling food brand including everything from a deli, to a wine and cheese shop and collaborations with everyone from food upstarts to Michelin-starred chefs. Nice Burger is a permanent fixture. Expect also vegan burgers, chicken wings as well as an extensive brunch menu.


Eating burgers can be a messy business, but these burgers, which come wrapped in foil to keep it all in, are all the better for it. Served with house sauce and lettuce, the burgers come with a choice of free toppings. Starting as a burger joint in the hipster venue the Workman’s Club, Wowburger's success has seen it spawn multiple locations around the city, so there’s sure to be one of these burger joints near you. A good value burger that will definitely hit the spot.

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