Copenhagen is a serene city that caught the culinary world by storm after the opening of Noma restaurant in 2003. After groundbreaking success, a new generation of chefs, protégés of chef René Redzepi, have formed a “New Nordic” style, bringing Denmark a total of 28 Michelin stars. The record breaking is impressive, as is the cost. Gourmet street food trucks located by the port are tempting alternative options.

Copenhagen’s sleek earthy culinary aesthetic, diffused among the Michelin masters, can be experienced everywhere. Traditional options like smørrebrød, the traditional Danish open sandwich, have taken a
modern turn, and are now cool again thanks to chefs like Adam Aamann , Copenhagen restaurateur, f amous for bringing smørrebrød back.

Copenhagen has become an artisan beer enthusiast’s dream. A curated approach to brewing by former chefs has resulted in bar and brewery concepts that feel more like fine dining. Cocktails in Copenhagen are just as complex, like the “freeform spirits” that defy categorization borrowing elements from gin, whiskey, eau de vie or shochu by Empirical Spirits.

Copenhagen’s approach to dining is elevated but informal with an open approach to the kitchen that renews contact with the chef. Culinary methods like fermenting that are used to prolong the season or
even foraging are made transparent. Copenhagen’s way of life can be experienced in endless ways, often like as what the Danish call “Hygge”, a cheerful social situation.

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