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Food Answers: Why do Chefs Reserve Pasta Cooking Water?

13 April, 2022
pasta cooking in a pan of boiling water


Add pasta water to soups

You can use the water from cooking pasta as a base to prepare your soups, or even as a replacement for, or addition to, vegetable stock.

Bake pasta water into bread

Take Nigella Lawson's lead and bake pasta cooking water into bread - the starch helps the dough rise and gives your bake a unique softness. Just double-check how salty your water is first.

Add pasta water to broth

You can use the cooking water of the pasta as a base for meat or vegetable broths.

How to store cooked pasta water

If you have too much of a good thing, you might want to store your leftover pasta water for longer. Simply pour it into ice cube trays and freeze, ready for throwing into soups, broths or sauces instead of stock cubes.

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