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Bavette: What It Is and How to Cook It

17 December, 2020
A piece of bavette in a pan.

Photo: Stockfood

Skirt steak recipes

Now you know how to choose the best skirt steak, or a "chef's number one dream steak" according to Gordon Ramsay, it's time to get cooking. First, Ramsay seasons, marinades and lifts the flavour with espelette pepper thoroughly rubbed over the surface. It takes just four minutes to cook before resting. He whips up a fresh chimichurri sauce to top off the resting skirt steak. Watch how delicious this pink tender juicy steak becomes.

Skirt steak marinade

Skirt steak was made for grilling and picking up chargrilled flavour. Watch the great video below, which shows how to pick a good skirt steak and marinade it in a Cuban-inflected mojo with sour orange.

Flank steak marinade

Make a lime marinade to impart zesty flavour. Find the recipe here.

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