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Noma Will Spend the Rest of the Year on the Move

22 June, 2022
The dining room at Noma.

Photo Courtesy Noma

After the current season, Noma will go on the road. The restaurant will pull anchor from its location in the Danish capital and travel the globe as a pop-up for the rest of the year. Redzepi will announce Noma’s destination after the summer.

The Noma team will spend the autumn and winter on the road, cooking and learning, before returning to Copenhagen for 2023. That year will be the last year for the restaurant "as we know it".

Redzepi is never averse to throwing the cards in the air when it comes to Noma. The chef famously closed the original restaurant at the peak of its powers to reinvent and start again. Now that Noma 2.0 is officially the best restaurant in the world, the chef has diversified into burgers at POPL, while the Noma Projects team is busy creating fermented products for sale online.

Noma was slated to open a pop-up in Brooklyn, New York in May of this year as part of an American Express programme to bring the restaurant to the Big Apple, however, diners who had bookings were refunded the cost of their meals as chef Redzepi could not travel due to contracting Covid.

view of the Brooklyn Bridge

Noma to Open Brooklyn Pop-up in May

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