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New Yellow Strawberries Taste Truly Tropical

25 May, 2022
a yellow strawberry against a blue background

How are yellow strawberries produced?

The new variety of berries was created using traditional breeding methods, rather than GMO, according to the berry breeder. Despite the expertise of a dedicated research and development team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant pathologists and entomologists, the process takes years. Baby seedlings are developed with the desired characteristics through selection and breeding, and they are then grown on local family farms.

Tropical Bliss strawberries are seasonal and available in the spring and summer, from May through to the start of October.

The company also produces other specialty berries, including a 'rosé' strawberry with peach, floral and pink lemonade notes, and a red 'sweetest batch' strawberry.

Where can I find yellow strawberries?

Visit (based mainly in the US) for more information, and to locate participating retailers throughout the summer.

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