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The Secrets of Sauces: Discover our Brand New Series

15 December, 2021
The Secrets of Sauces

How to make a jus gras pan sauce

To make the most of those roasting juices left in the tin, watch as Moriarty harnesses all that deep and delicious flavour in an unctuous pan-sauce made from roasted chicken.


How to make garlic butter sauce

Melted on steaks and fish, roasted meats or vegetables, or simply turned into a rich butter sauce, garlic butter adds the ultimate flavour kick to a dish. Watch as Moriarty explains how to make a simple and powerful garlic butter sauce, made even more umami-delicious by adding roasted garlic and Parmesan.


How to make a pepper sauce

Steak needs little more than a rich pepper sauce, heady with cognac and cream, to make it sing. Learn how to make this simple pepper sauce recipe, with a twist that takes it from good to great, and add it to your repertoire of core tried and trusted recipes.


How to make hollandaise and its sister sauces

Master culinary royalty, as Moriarty shows how easy it is to make this rich and buttery French mother sauce, and show your poached eggs you mean business.

Making Sauces Pantry

The Secrets of Sauces: The Essential Pantry

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