Infographic: 60 Beef Cuts and How To Cook Them

Author Alexa West

November 30, 2022


Even if you are an avid meat eater navigating the world of beef can be intimidating. With so many beef cuts on the market – and each one requiring a specific cooking method – things can get a little confusing.

To help you choose the right cut of beef we've created an infographic that is a real lifesaver. It highlights 60 different beef cuts, what part of the animal they come from and the best methods for cooking – including grilling, broiling, roasting and slow cooking.

There are pictures of every cut, making the chart easy to navigate. Hey, it may even inspire you to try a new cut of meat.

This is your basic beginner breakdown of beef cuts, if you want to learn more visit our latest Beef Cuts Chart Post  – a post that's packed with detailed info on every different beef cut. 

[This article was last updated on 30/11/2022].

Illustrations: Rory Midhani.


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