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Food Mythbusters: don't waste your time to sift the flour

26 November, 2019
Sifting the flour

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Take 150 grams flour, a sachet of raising agent (baking powder) for cakes, one teaspoonful of almond extract, 3 grams salt, 250 grams sugar, 10 egg whites, and a vanilla pod. Pour the egg whites into a small saucepan and stir slowly until they reach a temperature of 45 °C (use a thermometer), then pour the saucepan contents into an electric food mixer and mix at an average speed until they become white.

At this point, add 200 grams of sugar, the vanilla, the almond extract, and the raising agent. When the mixture looks foamy, switch off the food mixer. Then place the flour in a bowl together with the rest of the sugar and the salt. Add the egg whites, folding them in gently. Finally pour the mixture into a cake tin, previously greased with butter and bake at 180 °C, for 35-40 minutes.

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