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Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Reopens as La Brasserie

11 May, 2022
La Brasserie Dining Room

Photo credit Teddy Wolff 

Franicis Staub met Bourdain back in the day and became a regular customer of Les Halles, falling in love with its old-world charm. He bought the restaurant when it closed down a few years ago and his plans for an overhaul were delayed by the pandemic. The renovation is now complete, and with staff and a new menu in situ, the cookware magnate’s vision for La Brassierie is now complete.

La Brasserie steak and fries

The dining room features 173-seats and a 20-foot metallic bar of zinc. The original floors and ceilings have been retained, as have the red leather banquettes and booths. A terrace with seating for twelve should be ready by the end of spring.

Brasserie Les Halles, which opened in 1990 as a butcher shop with a bistro in back, was successful until 2017. (Bourdain was the executive chef from 1998 and remained the chef at large until its closing.)

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