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Senia Rice With Eel Stock And Cherries

Senia Rice With Eel Stock And Cherries

Unique sous vide cooking recipe by the famous Spanish chef Quique Dacosta, to prepare a rice, eel and cherry dish rich and complex in taste

01 April, 2012
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serves for


total time

21 HR 30 MIN


370 g
Olive oil
As needed
335 g, fresh
Purple garlic
1 cloves, unpeeled
Olive oil
20 g
100 g
85 g
85 g (the white part)
Aloe vera flesh
40 g, chopped (5 years old)
Black peppercorns
6 each
Monkfish skin
300 g
335 g, dried
6,5 l, mineral
4 sprigs (from Montgó)
To taste
Mild olive oil
2 l
Grape seed oil
1 l
300 g, from Montgó
1 kg
500 ml, mineral
30 g
Aloe vera powder
12 g
As needed
Beurre noisette
100 g
100 g
500 g, fresh
10 g, from frying the smoked eel
60 g
250 g with Valencia D.O.
Smoked eel stock
800 g
20 g, from frying the smoked eel
60 g, chopped
Rice vinegar
160 g, precooked
120 g, from the first cooking phase
Rosemary flowers
To taste


Smoked eel stock
Chop and fry the smoked eel in plenty of olive oil.
Brown evenly, then drain well on paper towels.
Gut, bleed and chop the fresh eel.
Fry in the same oil as the smoked eel.
Brown evenly, then drain well on paper towels.
Reserve the oil.
Brown the garlic in a pot with 20 g of olive oil.
Add the peeled chopped vegetables along with the aloe vera.
Allow them to gain some color, then add the pepper, monkfish skins, fried eels and previously soaked chickpeas.
Cover with mineral water and bring to a boil.
Skim and keep over low heat, without letting it boil, for 6 hours.
At this point, add the rosemary to infuse.
Steep the mixture for 6 hours more and strain.
Salt to taste if necessary.

Rosemary olive oil
Infuse the ingredients sealed sous-vide at 80ºC/176ºF for 1 hour.
Refrigerate for 6 hours.
Strain and set aside.

Cherry marbles
Pour the cherry pulp and strain through a cloth.
Save the solids and mix with the water.
Leave for 2 hours more, decant and strain.
This process yields 1 liter of clean cherry juice.
Add the sugar and aloe powder to half of the liquid and bring to a boil.
Remove from heat and add the other half of clean cherry juice.
Transfer the warm liquid to a syringe and drip over the cold rosemary oil.
Let the marbles cool and coagulate for 12 minutes.
Strain and set aside.

Rice preparation (onions + cuttlefish + 2 rice cooking phases)
(a) Onion noisette
Place the butter in a large pan and, once hot, add the finely chopped onions.
Poach for 3 hours until tender and evenly browned.
Strain while still hot and save all of the butter. This way, the onions have a special flavor but no fat.

(b) Cuttlefish
Gut and clean the cuttlefish.
Chop into small, regular dice.
Set aside.

(c) First rice cooking phase
Sauté the onion noisette in the smoked eel oil.
Add the rice, immediately followed by the hot stock.
It is important not to fry the rice, to prevent it from becoming impermeable.
This way, it will more easily absorb the flavor of the remaining ingredients.
Once it begins to boil, lower the heat and cook for 8 minutes.
Stop from cooking by straining the mixture and cooling the rice.
Save the stock for the second cooking phase.

(d) Second rice cooking phase
In this second cooking phase, we proceed with what will be the final cooking step.
We must keep in mind that this is a rice dish with very complex flavors, and because of its natural structure it is served in small portions.

Final preparation
Sauté the chopped cuttlefish in 10g of oil.
Add the stock and, once boiling, mix in the rice.
This rice only needs 4 minutes to be perfectly done – very pleasantly smooth on the palate without having a texture erroneously called “al dente".
During these final minutes, stir the rice continuously to facilitate the release of soluble solids and the resulting natural emulsion of juices with the grain’s starch.
To finish, add the 10g of remaining oil to reinforce the smoked eel aromas that may have evaporated during the cooking process.

Serve the rice on a deep plate.
Finish with 3 half cherries, the marbles and rosemary flowers.

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