Hot Borscht With Foie Gras And Herring Under The Coat Of Vegetables Rolls

Hot Borscht With Foie Gras And Herring Under The Coat Of Vegetables Rolls

Hot Borscht With Foie Gras And Herring Under The Coat Of Vegetables Rolls

A delicious Russian food recipe revisited by the famous Russian chef Anatoly Komm, for a hot borscht soup with foie gras and sour cream

01 April, 2012
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Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

3 HR 0 MIN


Foie gras
25 g
Powdered sugar
4 g
beef TM
7 g
0.8 g
0.5 g
dried onion
5 g
borscht PJ
80 g
celery broth
30 g
sour cream sphere
16 g
6 g (white bread)
2,8 kg
250 g
Olive oil
50 g
10 g
6 g, ground
100 g
100 g
Vegetable broth
1.5 g, dried
1,6 kg
470 g
160 g
375 g
150 g
5 g
Black pepper
2,5 g, ground
Lemon juice
200 g
2 g, ground
15 g
60 g
600 ml
105 g
glucose garlic
40 g
9 g
5 g
Sour cream
500 g
130 g
12 g
celery root
370 g, peeled
celery stem
135 g, peeled
1,1 l
beetroot paper
3 g
60 g, boiled
60 g, boiled
pink homemade mayonnaise
30 g
40 g, fillet
40 g, boiled
beetroot jelly
5 g
beetroot juice
300 g
12 g
beetroot juice
70 g
celery broth
40 g
4 g


Beef TM
Add salt and pepper to meat, pour on the oil, put into a thermo pack and leave in the thermomat 75°C.

Dried Onion
Remove the top 2-3 layers of shallot, cut along from one side.
Add butter to a pan and place the onion, cut-side down, into the pan and fry until transparent.

Borscht PJ
Peel and cut the beetroot, carrot and cabbage.
Brown beetroot with carrot, adding lemon juice and sugar, blanche cabbage.
Mix all the vegetables, add spices and water and stew.
Add ketchup.
Put the mixture and garlic into PJ boxes and freeze.
Grind twice when frozen.

Sour Cream Sphere
Chop the dill, garlic and add milk and Kikkoman.
Whisk the mixture, put it into single use injector and make the sphere.

Celery Broth
Cut celery root and stem as desired.
Boil on slack fire about 1,5-2 hours.
Finishing Dust the 3 foie gras pieces with powdered sugar and burn with the burner.
Put minced meat TM into 3 corners of the plate, place pieces of foie gras on the meat, place dried onion on the side.
Place sour cream sphere frozen with liquid nitrogen into the 4th corner of the plate.
Dissolve Borscht PJ in the celery broth, strain it and pour it on the sphere when hot.
Serve with garlic pampushki (white bread).

Herring under the coat of vegetable rolls
a) Beetroot paper
Make a fresh beetroot juice, then dissolve the methyl in it.
Beat with blender.
Spread the mixture over a flat surface and keep first in a freezer (about 24 hours), then dry it (about 2 hours).
Make a sheet of paper 14 cm x 14 cm when ready.
b) Boiled potato, boiled carrot
Boil the vegetables, then chop them finely.
c) Herring fillet
Remove skin and bones from the fillet.
Cut into bricks about 14 cm long.
d) Boiled egg
Boil an egg, separate and finely chop the white and yolk.

Beetroot jelly
Mix beetroot juice and celery broth, add gelatin.
Cut into fine cubes when ready.
Put beetroot paper on a bamboo sushi mat.
Put mixed potato and carrot on the paper.
First cover with a layer of a egg white, then a layer of a egg yolk, then a layer of jelly and herring fillet.
Make a roll, cut it into 6 pieces.

To finish
Serve the rolls on a separate plate.

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