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Ragu Sauce Made With Lamb Shoulder And Braised Artichokes

Ragu Sauce Made With Lamb Shoulder And Braised Artichokes

Lamb ragu recipe with braised artichokes: Italian chef Andrea Berton's sousvide cooking enriches a traditional Italian food

31 March, 2012
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Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

3 HR 40 MIN


Lamb shoulder
2 each
Extra virgin olive oil
100 g
150 g, chopped (celery, carrot, scallion)
Maldon salt
15 g
50 g
Tomato sauce
10 g
250 g
5 g
Extra virgin olive oil
20 g
Ascorbic acid
0.3 g
1 clove
1 branch


De-bone both shoulders, chop into 2 cm cubes.
Brown in a pan with oil.
Separately, prepare a base with the mix of vegetables, oil, tomato and lamb juice.
Let cook for 10 minutes, adding the cubes of lamb and then glaze.
Adjust salt.
Let cool and then close in a vacuum pack and cook in the Roner at 55°C for 3 hours.

Braised artichokes
Remove the outer leaves of the artichokes and cook them in a vacuum pack with water, oil, salt and ascorbic acid for 15 minutes.
Check to make sure they are done.
Then divide each artichoke into 4 parts, brown in a pan with a bit of oil, garlic and the thyme.

Glaze the ragu in the pan, place 3 cubes of lamb on the plate along with 2 artichoke parts and top with the ragu sauce.

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