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Where to Eat Vegan Food in Bristol

Cheungs Vegan Kitchen in Bristol

Photo: @CookYourLife | Melanie R Gonzalez |

Where to Eat Vegan Food in Bristol

The eclectic and down-to-earth city in the UK's South West is a hot-bed of vegan dining spots, from Chinese and Sri Lankan, to burgers and mezze. Find out where to go.
07 February, 2022

Bristol is an epicentre of vegan dining, not only in the UK, but in the world. Named 'Vegan Capital of the World' by Chef’s Pencil in 2020, the independent-minded harbour-side city in the UK's South West takes vegan dining just about as seriously as its music (Bristol is home to Massive Attack, Portishead, Idles and, fittingly, Bananarama, to name but a few).

The destination plant-based paradise has a dynamic dining scene, from trash vegan burgers and vegan pizzas, to refined and sophisticated contemporary vegan dining and everything in between. Here are some of the best vegan places to try when in Bristol.

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For sophisticated vegan dining head to Flow restaurant at the bottom of Stokes croft, near Bristol coach station. Small and seasonal dishes champion homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs (the chef and owner Jen Williams has an allotment). While the menu is technically vegetarian, there's a generous selection of vegan dishes to choose from, like 'borage fritters with gooseberry cucumber salsa, apple and pistachio' and 'salt beets, sorrel sponge, fermented berries, fennel seed crumble and purple beans'. What's more, there's a vegan-friendly wine list with plenty of natural and biodynamic wines, plus local beers and ciders to choose from.

Cheung's Vegan Kitchen

Cheungs Vegan Kitchen @CookYourLife | Melanie R Gonzalez |

Photo: @CookYourLife | Melanie R Gonzalez |

Crispy vegan duck pancakes, vegan satay chicken and Cheung's vegan curry are just a few of the dishes starring at this popular all-vegan Chinese takeaway restaurant offering a modern twist on traditional Chinese cuisine.

The Coconut Tree

The Coconut Tree has a couple of addresses in Bristol, and forms part of a nationwide chain. At this Bristol outpost, expect Sri Lankan street food and cocktails in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. While it's not stricly vegan, they do take vegan dining very seriously with a dedicated vegan 'Roots' menu with all dishes in a vegan key, from curries and mains to hoppers, condiments and sides.

VX Bristol

VX claims to be the UK’s first chain of cruelty-free food shops. Head to the Bristol Bedminster outlet when you're craving some good old fashioned diner-style fast food, and find vegan burgers, hot dogs, burritos, vego milkshakes and much more on the all day menu.

Fi Real

For a taste of the Caribbean, head to family run vegan restaurant Fi Real in Bristol’s Old Market. Favourite dishes include crispy tofu marinated in an Jamaican Jerk sauce with spicy kale and fried plantains - and don't miss the homemade juices like watermelon, pineapple and ginger.

Koocha Mezze Bar

Koocha Mezze Bar vegan dishes

Photo: @gems_journey_

This casual local on Cheltenham Road does a colourful and creative all-vegan mezze, think spiced cauliflower, tabbouleh, sweet potato samosas, falafels, pistachio kofta and Persian potatoes, or go for their infamous vegan doner kebab made with seitan, harissa or falafel burgers.

Eat Your Greens

Head over the River Avon, across from Temple Meads station, and discover colourful neighbourhood of Totterdown and home to this popular vegan hot spot. Try their signature ‘cwtch rolls’ filled with sweet potato, squash and fresh basil; mushroom and leek; roasted beetroot and squash with rosemary and caraway; and pesto and sun-dried tomato. For lazy weekends try their vegan brunches and Sunday roasts.


This popular vegan outlet has two branches in the city, and is the go-to place when burger cravings take hold with an extra layer of cheese. Oowee describes it as “a more delicious burger than any of the ‘traditional meat’ comparatives, it just so happens to be vegan”. Go for Oowee’s ‘Flamin’ Hot Smash’ burger - a double 'Beyond Meat' smashpatty, double American cheese, buttermilk fried jalapeños and Oowee hot mayo.⁠ ⁠


Root Bristol PH Louis Smith

Photo: Louis Smith

Josh Eggleton heads up this veggie-centric restaurant in Wapping Wharf overlooking the harbour. While it's not strictly vegan, vegan treats are the star act in most of the small plates on the sharing menu. Dishes like 'beetroot, fresh apple and roasted hazelnut and grilled kohlrabi, Tropea onion, orange and fermented chilli sauce' offer the kind of thought and flavour that will be enough to excite most vegans, and non-vegans alike.

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