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See the Trailer for 'Reinventing Mirazur'

08 June, 2022
Mauro Colagreco in action in the kitchen


As much a gardener as a chef, Colagreco and his team immersed themselves in Mirazur’s hillside garden on the French Riviera overlooking the sea, learning how to maximise the optimum moment to plant and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mirazur's 'Lunar Menu' was born, inspired by the cycle of nature, and was divided into four offerings (root, leaf, flower and fruit) aligning with the cycle of the moon.

Reinventing Mirazur is produced by Frédiani, Ribière, Colagreco, Thomas Augsberger of L.A.-based Eden Rock Media and Front Berner’s Schuyler Ransohoff and Wes Fleuchaus. The film had its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival last September.

Mauro Colagreco in his restaurant garden


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