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Tom Kerridge's 'Outdoor Cooking': Three BBQ Recipes to Thrill Your Grill

29 June, 2021
Chef Tom Kerridge standing next to a barbecue.

Photography © Cristian Barnett

“We have all been spending much more time at home so spending time with family and not travelling aboard has meant that more people will be firing up coals and cooking up something lovely,” he says.

And for Kerridge, it’s coals all the way. “Coal for flavour every time, but gas works if you have dry rubs and marinades and is perfect for burgers and sausages if you are a beginner.”

Of the three recipes featured here from the book, the popular chef says stuffed sweet potatoes are a particular favourite.

“Quite often BBQs are seen as quite a meaty focused way of cooking. So it is lovely to be able to do some vegetarian dishes and the end result is outstanding,” he says.

And, he continues, home BBQ enthusiasts shouldn't get disheartened if things don’t turn out quite as planned. “Flavour-wise, people shouldn’t get too hung up on the end result as long as it tastes right.”

Time to fire up the coals and try these Tom Kerridge BBQ recipes out for yourself.

5 tips for a successful BBQ from Tom Kerridge

  • Plan and structure your cooking

  • Use dry rubs and marinades to increase flavour

  • Learn coal management and temperature control

  • Start off simply with dishes that you know, moving on to more complicated things

  • Invite as many people to your BBQ as possible to give you feedback but more importantly to have fun.


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