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Stanley Tucci's New Book - 'Taste: My Life Through Food'

10 March, 2021
Stanley Tucci

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

From his memories of growing up in Westchester, NY, and eating dinners with his Italian-American family, and later cooking at home with his wife, Felicity Blunt, to preparing on-set dishes like the unforgettable 'timpano' for his food film Big Night, and Julie & Julia, it's been a life intertwined with food, both off and on screen. 

Given Tucci is never far from cooking, eating or exploring food, his memoir is sure to be a fascinating insight into a life enjoyed through taste.

Tucci even became an online sensation during lockdown when he cheered people up with his relaxing Negroni cocktail video:

This isn't Tucci's first ode to food. He previously released The Tucci Cookbook in 2012, which included some of his family's most cherished recipes, and the cookbook for families, The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends, in 2020.


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