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Queen's Chef Says We've Been Cooking Bacon Wrong

23 May, 2022

Baker, who is now executive development chef at online butcher Farmison & Co, told the Daily Star: "I find that the best way to cook bacon is on a medium to high heat pan with a small amount of natural fat, searing it on each side for a minute or so."

"If the bacon is properly dry cured and cut to a nice thickness, it should caramelise on the edges. The fat will then render without dissolving, resulting in delicious flavour.”

You can forget HP Sauce and ketchup in chef Baker's kitchen too. “In my opinion, if cooked this way, the bacon won’t need any sauce to enhance the taste - it’ll be perfect as it is," he told the newspaper.

Searing bacon in a hot pan causes the Maillard reaction to occur. The sought-after chemical reaction breaks down amino acids and reduces sugar, allowing the browning process to take place and a delicious Maillard crust to develop, as per the perfect steak.

How do you cook your bacon?

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