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How to Make a Magical Emerald Marine Chocolate Tart

17 May, 2022
a slice out of a transparent green chocolate tart

YouTube screenshot/Chocolate Cacao

Described as a ‘quirky chocolate mini tart’ by the Japanese baker and YouTuber Chocolate Cacao, the recipe has been received with open arms by a throng of nearly three million followers.

“That is just incredible. I know Alinea had a see-through pie on their menu years ago. But this with the coral just took it high a notch,” says follower Tavish Bhasin.

A deftly piped layer of chocolate ganache (inspired by coral leaf) lines the ocean floor, or cocao pastry case, submerged in emerald green mint jelly, made from Mojito mint syrup, blue curacao syrup and green mint syrup and a combination of sugar and agar. The bed of 'coral' or 'ocean floor' has the double role of securing the 'marine', or ocean-like jelly in place as well as offering a unique visual impact.

If the light handiwork and simple instructions in the video recipe below don’t get you rolling up your sleeves in the kitchen, the enticing ASMR sound effects of whipping, crunching and piping will work their magic anyway.

Try making your own emerald marine chocolate mint tart at home.

Here's a video to get you started:


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