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Albert Adrià: elBulli Could Finally Reopen Next Year, But Not to the Public

21 September, 2021

Photo Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve ever wanted to eat at the legendary elBulli, unfortunately, it looks like tables will be hard to come by. The return of the restaurant will be only for corporate guests and friends of the foundation, therefore the only way to get a seat will be to establish a working relationship with the elBulli 1846 Foundation.

ElBulli, it is important to say, will open only for events, to welcome companies that collaborate with the Foundation and guests, it will not be open to the public,” said Adrià.

For now, though, Adrià is focused on the job at hand and working with Ducasse to open their pop-up in November, then his focus will turn to his own Barcelona restaurant Enigma, which has been closed due to the pandemic.

Enigma will reopen as a pop-up, trying to balance itself between current and future reality, because we are facing unprecedented times and I understand that things are not going back the same as before. I don't know if we will have 30 people who will be willing to pay 250 euros for dinner next year. But I'm sure I'll find 100 people who’ll pay 80. We thought about opening as a pop-up from March to October, more or less.”


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