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Definitive and Doable: Jeremy Chan's Plantain, Raspberry Salt and Smoked Scotch Bonnet

02 August, 2022
Jeremy Chan

Photo: Ben Rowe | Tine Out

Plantain, raspberry salt and smoked scotch bonnet by Jeremy Chan

One of the defining dishes on the menu at Jeremy Chan's Ikoyi restaurant in London, this take on West African cuisine is representative of the chef's innovative approach. Visually arresting and seemingly minimalist, it is a complex assembly of ingredients that embodies the rich cultural complexity of West African cuisine, yet it is presented in a modern way. This dish typifies the vast amount of research undertaken to produce the dishes on Ikoyi's menu. 

"It's the first bite of food that most customers have - it's also the spiciest," said Chan. "We enjoy playing with visuals, flavours and diners' preconceptions. Actually what we really like is playing with people's heads."

How to make plantain, raspberry salt and smoked scotch bonnet at home

The recipe is comprised of three sections, each representing the component parts of the dish: plantain, scotch bonnet chilli oil, scotch bonnet emulsion, and the spiced raspberry salt. None of the sections represents any particular technical challenges, as the dish is more about the assembly of the many ingredients and the natural interaction of their flavours. Give it a go and you'll be glad you did. 

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