A Tribute to Tuscany by chefs Cracco, Trettl and Komm

A Tribute to Tuscany by chefs Cracco, Trettl and Komm

September 15, 2011
A Tribute to Tuscany by chefs Cracco, Trettl and Komm

Three of the culinary world’s most pre-eminent chefs all leant their imaginations and talents for a good cause. In the magical setting of Villa Panna in Tuscany, Carlo Cracco, Roland Trettl and Anatoly Komm created a Tuscan-inspired menu for a special dinner that played with the contrasts between traditional dishes like panzenella or crostini and regional products like pecorino cheese or pork fillets, but with more modern interpretations.

In this behind the scenes video, chefs Cracco and Trettl talk about sharing a kitchen. «It’s a normal part of the job,» says the Italian chef, taking FDL viewers step-by-step through the menu.

Dishes come to life in the words of the chefs who create them, while Trettl says that «At the end of the day, what makes me happy is when the customers are happy,��.

All three chefs – Komm, Trettl and Cracco – devolved their fees to AMREF, and Acqua Panna matched their donations. The agency’s work in distributing clean water in East Africa helps to better the living conditions of the local population.

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