Knife Skills: Moritaka Kiritsuke

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By FDL on / YouTube

Knife Skills from Mr Knife Fanatic. In this video he demonstrates the Moritaka Kiritsuke Blade.

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  • The Zen Chef said on

    「切っておいしくする」(Slice/cut to make it delicious) from Gakko Hojin Heisei. I've long believed cutting food is not just about making good sizes for cooking or eating – you cut food to make it delicious. You cut with purpose; cutting is one of the key elements of cooking. Because foods have fibers and cells, knives can change how foods taste just by changing how they are cut, sliced, pressed, chopped, etc. How you handle knives, cut with them, and interpret “cutting” makes a great difference in your cooking. Fantastic demonstration of some mad knife skills!

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