How To Eat Escargot | Difficult Food

How To Eat Escargot | Difficult Food

21 November, 2012
How To Eat Escargot | Difficult Food

Escargot an intriguing dish, but it's also one of the most difficult to eat: that's why FDL has brought you this simple tutorial on how to eat an escargot - you'll never get it wrong again with these simple steps.

Escargot is served in a snail dish, with a snail tongs and a slender two-pronged snail fork.

- Don't use your hand
- Don't slide around
- Don't eat directly from the shell
- Keep the tongs in your left hand
- Use the tongs to grip and hold the shell in place
- With your right hand use the snail fork
- Put the fork prongs down against the rim
- Pull out the meat
- Put the entire snail into your mouth

Keep in your mind these nine points and you will always remember how to eat an escargot.