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Chat GPT: a tablet with recipe content.
Is Chat GPT your new best friend in the kitchen?
Try these recipes generated by artificial intelligence, from using waste in the kitchen, to ideas for using up what’s in the fridge or exploring a certain cuisine. There’s even an Adria Bot recipe for you to try.
Flyfish Club
World’s First NFT Restaurant a “Remarkable Innovation”
As Flyfish Club prepares to open in New York, we spoke to co-founder David Rodolitz to find out more about this unusual move and why he thinks it could be a novel solution to creating revenue in the hospitality industry.
Digital Dining: Can NFTs Revolutionise Restaurants?
NFTs have taken the digital realm by storm, with many of the crypto-assets being sold for astronomical fees. But how can restaurants and food professionals explore the possibilities of this new technology? FDL takes a look.
restaurant no show
OpenTable Promotes Cancel Culture to End Restaurant No-Shows
OpenTable has launched a 'Show Up For Restaurants' campaign to highlight the damage of no-shows to restaurants and urge people to cancel their reservations should their plans change. Read the full story.
Restaurant owner taking a order
Relationship Goals: Getting to Know Your Guests in the Digital Age
The pandemic has seen many restaurants adopt delivery models, often through third-party companies. But what effect does this have on the time-honoured art of relationship building and understanding customers' needs? Kristen Hawley discovers that the biggest challenge for restaurants in the digital age could be owning their guest relationships.
MrBeast Burger
Could This Viral YouTube Burger Change the Restaurant Industry?
MrBeast isn't generally known for his gastronomic proclivities, but the famous YouTuber has hit on a viral fast-food idea that might revolutionise the restaurant industry. Iris McCarthy investigates...
AI Google Cakie
Google AI Invents Baked Hybrids – the ‘Breakie’ and the ‘Cakie’
Google Artificial Intelligence creates a baked hybrid recipe for the breakie and the cakie.
restaurant inventory
How to Calculate your Food Cost Percentage and track Inventory
It may not be the sexiest topic in the culinary world, but managing an inventory and calculating food cost percentages is vital to a healthy restaurant. This infographic can really help.
WATCH: The Coolest Beer Delivery Ever
Beer lovers, here's a can't-miss video for you! Watch a drone deliver beer to fishermen camping out on frozen lakes. Here's how it works...