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S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup

S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup

The winner of the 14th edition of the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup, held in Venice between June 13th and 14th, is the Russian chef Sergey Beretuzskiy. For the other two awards - Acqua Panna People's Choice and Acqua Panna Critics Choice, please read the event report here.

As in the past editions, 10 chefs from all over the world competed, cooking their special dishes for a special dinner and on board of different sailing boats racing across Venice’s magical lagoon.

This year, dishes prepared during the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2014 have been judged by a panel of guest judges including chefs Gaston Acurio, Helena Rizzo, Andreas Caminada, Paul Qui (2013 winner), Davide Scabin, Umberto Bombana and Ivan Li. The jury will also include Giacomo Missoni, Francesca Barberini and Charles Reed.

Participating chefs were from the following countries: Israel, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Korea, United States and Canada.

In 20'13 edition, chef Paul Qui from the United States won the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup Young Chef Of The Year 2013 prize by Acqua Panna & S.Pellegrino thanks his recipe, Chawan Mushi, a traditional Japanese dish with eggs served as an appetizer in a tea bowl. In the same Cooking Cup edition the Israeli team and chef Haviv Moshe onquered the Acqua Panna People’s Choice Award.

Every year this unique event welcomes sailors, skippers, chefs and fine dining lovers from all over the world in a two days competition that awards the best performances in several categories, both sailing and culinary.


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