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South Korea

Is This Korean Soup the Ultimate Hangover Cure?
Is This Korean Soup the Ultimate Hangover Cure?
Haejangguk is a reviving Korean soup made from cabbage and cow offal, perfect for the morning after the night before.
This Teen Makes $1,500 a Night Just for Eating His Dinner
This 14-year-old from South Korea makes more money than most adults by broadcasting his dinner online as part of the growing trend of Mukbang.
'Wearable Foods', Edible Fashion by Yeonju Sung
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, the 26 years old artist Yeonju Sung makes 'Wereable Foods': a series clothes and pieces of art made of food
Eating Dog Meat in South Korea? Really?
Officially it was prohibited by the government in 1988, but dog meat is still served in many Seoul's restaurants. «Really? Dog meat?»