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Rubber cutting boards
Stop Using Wood and Get a Rubber Cutting Board
Wood or plastic is the usual go-to for a home cook, but have you ever considered a rubber cutting board? Here's why rubber might be best.
Kitchen gadgets | Movable cooktop
New Kitchen Gadgets to Look Out For in 2020
From design-forward hangable burners, a food composter that fits under your sink, to a smart indoor home garden, here are 5 innovative new kitchen gadgets to look forward to this year.
All Clad sale
All-Clad Sale is On Right Now: Here's What You Need to Buy
The All-Clad factory seconds sale is on for a limited time only, these are the pieces you should buy from the famous stainless steel cookware brand.
Julia Cookingpal
This AI-cooker shops, cooks and even washes itself
More than simply an aid, the latest all-in-one cooker is like a personal sous chef that can do almost everything in the cooking process. Would you go for it?
Best chef shoes
Walk This Way: Five Best Chef Shoes for Safety and Style
Protect your feet in the kitchen with a good pair of chef shoes. From clogs to boots, here's our pick of the best chef shoes on the market.
Kitchen machine
The Best Black Friday Deals on Kitchen Gear
Get in on the Black Friday action with deals on a number of cool kitchen gadgets.
Massimo Bottura
Private cooking class with Massimo Bottura? Yours for $200,000
US luxury department store Neiman Marcus released its Christmas book with a range of incredibly expensive gifts, including private cooking classes with Italian maestro
Around the world in 125 Melons
The Melon, written by Amy Goldman with photographs by Victor Schrager, is a new book in celebration of the melon detailing 125 varieties worth knowing along with stunning images, descriptions and recipes.
Venison Glorious Game
Game On: 101 Recipes from Glorious Game book
Glorious Game contains 101 recipes for game dishes from some of Britain and Ireland's best-loved chefs and food writers.
Delicious Places: must-try restaurants
Delicious Places: your guide to the most stunning restaurants
Step inside a selection of some of the world's most stunning bars and restaurants for a unique sensorial dining experience, courtesy of Gestalten's new must