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Salt Bae

MrBeast Salt Bae
MrBeast, Salt Bae and the $10,000 Golden Steak Dinner
MrBeast pays a visit to Salt Bae's New York restaurant for a $10,000 golden steak dinner.
Salt Bae
Salt Bae Sued for $5 million
Chef Nusret Gökçe, otherwise known as Salt Bae, is being sued for $5 million for alleged copyright infringement. Find out more.
Scabby and Salt Bae
Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant Picketed by a Giant Salt-Sprinkling Rat
Scabby, a giant inflatable rat paid a visit to Salt Bae's restaurant in NYC to highlight the use of non-union labour in the construction of his second New York restaurant.
Salt Bae's golden steak
No pay for Bae: Cops called over $5k gold steak bill
A Florida man refused to pay for a gold-plated steak at Nusr-Et, which he says he didn't order, staff call the cops.
Gold Steak Lands Franck Ribéry in Hot Water with Salt Bae
French footballer Franck Ribery found himself in hot water when he tweeted a visit to Turkish celebrity chef Sat Bae's restaurant in Dubai to eat a gold steak.
Is It All Over for Salt Bae?
It started with another one of his over-the-top self-promotional videos and ended with protests and thousands of one-star reviews. Is it over for Salt Bae?
Salt Bae Savaged by Critics
The living meme’s new New York restaurant has been widely panned – read what the critics had to say.