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Roca Brothers

The Roca Brothers
The Roca Brothers are Back with a New Opening
The Rocas have opened a new temporary restaurant, Àgora del Mas Marroch, showcasing an affordable menu of their historical dishes.
Casa Cacao
The Roca Brothers' Hotel and Chocolate Factory Opens in Girona
Casa Cacao, a hotel, shop and workshop and chocolate factory by the Roca Brothers opens in Girona Spain.
the Roca Brothers
Interview with the Roca Brothers from Guildhall in London
The Roca brothers give us their impressions after being nominated first on the list of the World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards sponsored by S.Pellegrino and A
The Roca Brothers Are Quite Literally 'Cooking The Books'
Watch as the Roca brother serve the flavour of an old antique book, using a technology and technique they personally developed.
The Roca Brothers' dishes
The Roca Brothers: 7 Inspirational Dishes
Feast your eyes on seven inspirational dishes from the Roca brothers, as they look back on some of their most important gastronomical developments.
Roca Brothers to Prepare Menu for Elton John's Oscars Party
The Roca brothers will prepare the menu for Elton John's famous post-Oscars party in Los Angeles this year – find out what they have planned!
One of the World's Best Restaurants Has Its Own Therapist
One of the World's Best Restaurants Has Its Own Therapist
El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain is trying to break down barriers between front and back of house and reduce stress.
The Roca Brothers Help Create a New Dining Experience
The Roca brothers have helped to produce a new dining experience in Barcelona, Opera Samfaina – an all out assault on the senses.
El Celler de Can Roca Cookbook Redux in English
The Roca brothers original massive cookbook has been re-mastered into a lighter weight English version.
The Roca Brothers Bring Sous Vide to The Masses
In a big move the Roca Brothers have today launched Rocook, an induction cooker that will bring sous vide cooking into the home kitchen.