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Retraining Online

Chef Cooking HAppy
Alternative Free Online Courses for Chefs
Free online course for upskilling and learning new skills that can make chefs more employable after the lockdown.
Online learning
5 Free Online Cooking Classes for Chefs
Five free online cooking classes to upskill your techniques and improve your knowledge. A perfect distraction during the lockdown.
weinar for chef
Useful Free Webinars for Chefs on Lockdown
Use your time on lockdown to catch up on some online webinars, useful resources for chefs and restauranteurs.
Sean Brock Cooking Lessons
Sean Brock Launches One-on-One Virtual Cooking Classes
Sean Brock has launched a unique idea to generate money for his staff wages, the chef will offer personal cooking classes online.
James Beard Foundation Webinar
James Beard Foundation Launches Covid 19 and Industry Webinar
The James Beard Foundation are supporting US chefs and restaurateurs with regular free webinars addressing relief and advocacy during the coronavirus pandemic.