Rare Fruits

Blue sausage fruit
Have You Seen René Redzepi's Blue Sausage Fruit?
The blue sausage fruit, also known as dead man's finger, is native to northeast India. Inside, the transparent pulpy flesh is deliciously sweet and subtle. Find out what it is and how it tastes.
Green caviar or sea grapes
What is Green Caviar (Sea Grapes) and How to Use It?
They pop when you bite into them and they taste like the sea. They are also known as green caviar, but do not come from fish! Find out what sea grapes are and discover how to use them in your cooking.
Canistel Fruit
Make a Lighter Egg(fruit)nog with Creamy Custardy Canistel, aka Eggfruit
Native to Mexico, the canistel is a creamy fruit that tastes like the yolk of a hardboiled egg and perfect for making cakes, pies, ice cream plus a different kind of eggnog.
redlove apple
Redlove Apples will make you fall in love with apples again
A special variety from Switzerland, these tangy, sweet apples are blushed red both inside and out.
Blue Bananas
Blue Bananas are just bananas
Ever seen blue bananas before? Here they are and apparently they taste like vanilla ice-cream
Pink banana
Pink Banana, the Prettiest Banana in the World
Pink banana, also called the hairy banana, or musa velutina, is an edible banana from Assam and the Himalayas. Here's everything you need to know about it.
Blue Java Banana, The Smooth Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream
Blue Java Banana, The Smooth Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream
Ice cream banana, Hawaiian banana, Cenizo - the Blue Java banana goes by many names. Read about this banana that tastes like ice cream.