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The Producers

farmer standing in field
The Producers: Krautwerk - Rediscovering Forgotten Vegetables in Austria
At Krautwerk farm, in Austria, Robert Brodnjak and Claudia Detz focus on forgotten heirloom vegetables in many varieties, supplying them to Michelin-star restaurants. Kaja Sajovic went to meet them.
CEO at La Fiorida standing among racks of ageing cheese
The Producers: Meet the CEO of a 'Five-Star Hotel' for Cows
Step inside the family-run high-tech eco dairy farm at Italy's La Fiorida, the first farmstead to house a Michelin-starred restaurant, and where animal welfare is paramount to quality. Read on.
Jason Ross
FDL+ The Producers: Meet the Man Who's Waking-Up Wagyu
Jason Ross of First Light in New Zealand had an enterprising idea about how to produce tender and tasty wagyu beef that's kinder to the environment. Find out more.
A young lady sniffing a glass of red wine leaning on a big barrel
The Producers: Meet Barolo's Leading Lady
Meet the Producers: Along with her sister, Marta, Carlotta Rinaldi has taken over the family label in Barolo, Piedmont, and is part of a female-led movement injecting a new sensibility into the world-renowned wine region. Read her story.
Carlotta Rinaldi leaning on a big wine barrel, sniffing a glass of red wine
The Producers in Pictures: Carlotta Rinaldi
The Producers is a new series highlighting the incredible work done by those responsible for the food and drink that ends up on our tables, whether it's at h