Peppe Curtraro
Meet Peppe Cutraro, the Best Pizzaiolo in Europe
The Neapolitan pizzaiolo, recently crowned the best in Europe, shares his ambitions, plus the secret of his new creation, the 'contemporary' pizza.
Top 50 Pizza USA
50 Top Pizza USA: Tony's Pizza Napoletana is the Best in the US
The Top 50 Pizza USA ranking is out and the winner is Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco. Take a look at the 50 Top Pizza USA list.
Margherita Pizza
50 Top Pizza: Da Michele Wins Best Artisan Pizza Chain Award 2021
Worldwide pizza chain Da Michele has been named the best artisan pizza chain in the world. Find out the top 20 from around the world.
Tokyo Pizza: The Pie That Keeps Popping Up
Pizzas come and pizzas go, but the trend for Tokyo-style pizza looks like it's here to stay. Paul Feinstein spoke to self-styled Pizza Czar Anthony Falco about the pizza trend that began in Japan, but is popping up everywhere.
Where to Find the Best Pizzas in LA
Where does your mind wander when you think about the best pizza in the world? Naples, of course. Rome too. Also New York.
pizza with olives and artichokes ©StockFood _ Pizzochero, Franco
5 Different Types of Pizza Across America
The number of American regional pizza styles is far and wide. Compared to their Italian brethren, they are often bigger, heavier, and more packed with toppings. Here's a list of the most popular regional pizza styles in the U.S.
francesco martucci 50 top pizza
50 Top Pizza Awards 2020 - See all the Winners
Francesco Martucci from I Masanielli in Caserta, Campania, has been crowned the world pizza champion for a second consecutive year. See the roundup of all the exciting international and Italian winners for this year.
Have a look at Europe's 50 Best Pizzas 2020
The 50 best pizzas in Europe were recently revealed at the San Babila Theatre in Milan, at the unveiling of the 50 Top Pizza Europe 2020
Discover the beautiful simplicity of the classic signature pizza from Italian pizza maestro Ciro Salvo from 50 Kalò.
How to Make a Perfect Pizza at Home
Do you want to enhance your time, maybe while on lockdown? Learn from the best and make restaurant-style pizza at home!