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Pivotal Points

Australia Corona Virus
Fire and Pestilence: Australia, Restaurants and the Virus
Australian food writer Pat Nourse examines Melbourne's response to the coronavirus, and how chefs and restaurants have pivoted in order to survive.
Pivotal Points Portugal Delivery
Creativity is the key to Portugal’s restaurant lockdown
Amid the global coronavirus crisis, the restaurant industry is feeling the pinch. A bleak study published by J.P. Morgan has warned that most restaurants can only survive around 16 days without income.
Cristina Reni Food For Soul
Saving Souls: Massimo Bottura’s Community Kitchens Live On in Lockdown
Cristina Reni, executive director of Food for Soul, on how the social organisation has pivoted to feed thousands of vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdowns.
Brazil Chef Corona Virus
Brazil's Chefs Unite to Defend Their Industry
United they stand, divided they will fall: in a coordinated action, the likes of which has never been seen before in Brazil, the country’s chefs and restaurant owners have come together to succesfully pressure their government to provide emergency aid to the hospitality industry.
Mark Moriarty Column
Mark Moriarty: "This Will Present Numerous New Opportunities"
Pivotal Points: a look at the cultural, social, habitual and economical pivots taking place across Ireland as chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, and fishermen evolve to answer new demands amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Ferran Adria
Ferran Adrià: How Chefs Should Respond to The Coronavirus Crisis
The icon of contemporary gastronomy speaks about the coronavirus outbreak in Spain and how restaurants now, more than ever, need to rethink their business models.
Empty Restaurant
Restaurants are the heart and soul of America: Is the American Dream in Jeopardy?
Paul Sorgule reflects on the crisis facing small business and the hospitality industry from the coronavirus crisis and asks: Is the American Dream in Jeopardy?