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Peruvian Food

A bowl of Peruvian ceviche clásico.
How to make ceviche clásico at home
Try this recipe for Peruvian ceviche clásico by chefs Daniel and Tamara Chavez of Canchita in Singapore.
Ceviche is the new food trend from Peru: learn how to make it with this easy recipe, with raw corvina filet, lemon juice and South American spices
Opened Black Cockles
Mud and Mangroves - The Hunt for Black Clams in Peru
Black clams, or conchas negras, are a delicacy in Peru, but the tasty bivalves found in the muddy mangrove swamps are so popular they are becoming an endangered species. Here we go in search of a sustainable option.
Latam50Best: Peru Wins Again
We ask why the city of Lima in Peru has topped Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list for six years in a row.
Virgilio Martinez to Open in Hong Kong
Take a look at Ichu Peru in Hong Kong, Virgilio Martinez's first foray into Asia – a casual bistro-style offering serving Peruvian comfort food.
Virgilio Martinez: 'Teamwork is Technique'
The Peruvian chef shares his advice for rising young chefs, some of his own career mistakes and news from his latest restaurant.
The Inspiring Flavors of The Amazon
Take a journey with Virgilio Martinez and a team of researchers as they set out to understand the biodiversity, culture and deliciousness of The Amazon.
29 New Dishes from Gaston Acurio in 2017
Gaston Acurio, the powerhouse of Peruvian gastronomy, shares a look back at his 2017 creations: 29 wonderful new dishes in one year.
How to prepare Argentine alfajores, traditional cookies filled with dulce de leche covered with coconut flakes: a sweet treat you won't miss!
Leche de Tigre (Tiger's Milk) Recipe
Peru's Chefs Show You How to Make Leche de Tigre (Tiger's Milk)
Learn this recipe by a great video from Peru with local chefs, cooks and restaurant owners offering up their secrets for cooking the perfect Leche de Tigre.