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Parabere Forum

Parabere Forum

Parabere Forum is an annual event that gathers thought-leaders in the field of gastronomy, food and nutrition and features women’s views and voices on major food issues.

The non-profit organisation was founded by journalist and president Maria Canabal in 2014 and designed to improve the state of gastronomy, food, nutrition and agriculture by engaging leaders in various fields, from business and academia to politics, science, agriculture, gastronomy, oenology and activists from across the continents to increase the influence of women in the food sector and give a new perspective on key issues in food.

Today the Parabere Forum is a solid network that organises an annual plenary meeting. Moreover, they work with the UN, promote meetings in big cities, and have a database of 5,000 women chefs, sommeliers, producers, scientists, anthropologists, innovators, for interventions and testimonies.

A different theme is selected for each annual gathering focusing on the role of women in gastronomy. At the inaugural edition of Parabere Forum in 2015 in Spain, “Inspiration” was tackled by prominent speakers, “Entrepreneurship” was the theme for 2016, and “Redefining sustainability” was discussed in 2017, while 2018 was devoted to “Edible Cities. In 2019 in Oslo the international conference examined the questions “what it is that’s game-changing about women in gastronomy?” and “How does advancing women’s perspective and contribution disrupt the status quo?”

Past guests have included Ruth Reichl (US), Vandana Shiva (India), Dominique Crenn (US), Ana Ros (Slovenia), Roberta Sudbrack (Brazil), Joan Roca (Catalunya), Leonor Espinosa (Colombia) and Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe (Venezuela).

The Parabere Care Award was launched in 2019, an award designed to recognise the importance of work-life integration in creating a sustainable hospitality industry and highlight individuals and organisations who demonstrate leadership in managing the boundaries of work and personal life.

Alice Waters was the first recipient of this inaugural award which she received on March 4, 2019 at the fifth edition of the annual Parabere Forum in Oslo (Norway). According to the Parabere Care Award Committee, she is a powerful role model for women everywhere and has inspired millions around the world with her approach to work-life integration and flexible working arrangements, through her landmark Californian restaurant Chez Panisse.

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