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Nutritional Yeast Substitute

Beer bread
Buttery Beer Bread is Your Lockdown Essential
Buttery beer bread is the lockdown essential you didn't know you needed. Learn how to make delicious beer bread.
Soda Bread
Yeast Free Bread Recipes for Easy Homemade Bread
Out of yeast? Don't that stop your need to knead! Here are 5 easy recipes for making delicious home made bread, no yeast required.
Are you on the lookout for more recipes without baking powder? Try these muffins, made without baking powder, they are just as delicious and very easy to make.
Lemon ring cake is a traditional Italian dessert very versatile: try this lighter version of the cake, a yeast free recipe for sponge cake soft and delicious.
How To Make Yeast And Use It At Home: The Science Of Yeast
Yeast is the key ingredient for a tasty piece of bread: find out how chemistry and physics could help you while making it yourself at home.