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The Next Course

The Next Course by Kiki Aranita December 2022.
The Next Course: Middle Eastern New American menu linguistics
Kiki Aranita asks Middle Eastern chefs and restaurateurs how they feel about the linguistic shift towards the region's fashionable larder in US restaurants.
The Next Course: Wading into New Waters with Wildtype
It's not quite fish, but it's fish-ish. Wildtype's lab-grown salmon is being used for sushi. But does it make a splash, or sink like a stone? Kiki Aranita finds out.
The Next Course: A New Era for Kalo?
Once the staple starch of Hawai’i, kalo (also known as taro root) could be set for a major rediscovery around the world. Kiki Aranita finds out why.
Kiki Aranita
The Next Course: Drink Like a Coastal Grandma
The coastal grandma trend goes beyond fashion to food and drink. From oysters on the half shell, to cucumber gin cocktails, Kiki Aranita explores its seemingly effortless and elegant style.
Kiki Aranit Barbiecore
The Next Course: Come on Barbiecore, Let’s Go Party
Kiki Aranita explores the latest fashion trend to be absorbed into the world of food and drink: Barbiecore. Take a look.
Kiki Aranita Filippino food
The Next Course: Feasting on First-Generation Filipino Food
Does Filipino food outside of the Philippines ever get the credit it deserves - even among Filipinos? Kiki Aranita went to San Diego to find out.
kiki-Aranita-column-the-next-course-female mentorship
The Next Course: Fostering Female Mentorship
In her latest column, Kiki Aranita explores the complex and rewarding relationships she has enjoyed with female mentors. Read on.
FDL+ The Next Course: Rice Beyond the Rice Cooker
In her latest column for Fine Dining Lovers, Kiki Aranita considers a world of rice beyond the humble rice cooker. Read on.
FDL+ The Next Course: Hard Soup
When is a cocktail not a cocktail? When is a soup not a soup? In her latest column, Kiki Aranita considers the fine lines that define what we drink with her very own Hard Soup Nights. Read on to find out more.
The Next Course: A New Column by Kiki Aranita
What's coming next? It's the question we're all asking. In the first of a new column about how the world of food is changing, chef, restaurateur and food writer Kiki Aranita introduces herself.