New Openings

New Openings
Casa Cacao
The Roca Brothers' Hotel and Chocolate Factory Opens in Girona
Casa Cacao, a hotel, shop and workshop and chocolate factory by the Roca Brothers opens in Girona Spain.
Wonderland Restaurants
Ex-Fat Duck, Alinea, Disney Execs Team Up to Debut Fully-Immersive Batman-Themed Restaurant
Wonderland Restaurants group, made up of a team of ex-execs of Disney, Alinea, The Fat Duck plus a magician, are set to create a number of immersive, experiential gastronomy destinations around the world. First up, a Batman-themed space in London.
Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura Facade_LA
A First Look at Massimo Bottura's New Restaurant in LA
Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura opens in Beverly Hills, his first venture in the US. Step inside and discover the menu and interiors.
Muse Restaurant London
15 Unmissable Restaurant Openings Around the Globe in Spring 2020
Filling up the diary with this year's restaurant reservations? Here are some of the new addresses to keep an eye on in the coming months.
Maison Louis Vuitton Osaka Midosuji
Louis Vuitton to Open its First Cafe
The luxury French brand are opening their first cafe in Osaka, Japan this February. See what's planned.
Muse's dish
A Look at Tom Aikens’ New Menu: Muse
Tom Aikens' new restaurant Muse is to open its doors in London with many perplexed at the menu format.
Daniel Humm Davies and Brook
Daniel Humm’s Davies and Brook at Claridge’s: A sneak peek at the menu
Daniel Humm's first European restaurant Davies and Brook has opened at Claridge's of London. Here's a sneak peek at the menu.
Immigrant Food restaurant in Washington
Immigrant Food restaurant just opened in front of the White House
Immigrant Food serves cuisine inspired by the US' immigrants communities with a side of activism.
Hong Kong
No Cronut for Ansel’s Hong Kong bakery
Chef Dominique Ansel to open Hong Kong bakery in December, but customers won't find the Cronut there.
Chef Nuno Mendes
Nuno Mendes comes back home: "Food is experience"
After being awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant Mãos in London, the Portuguese chef is set to run an audacious food project in Lisbon at Bairro Alto Hotel.
Castellana Restaurant HK
A taste of Piedmont in Hong Kong
A new Italian restaurant joins the higher echelons of the fine dining scene in Hong Kong with chef Marco Sacco delivering all the high notes of Piedmontese cuisine at Castellana restaurant.
Casa Maria Luigia in Modena
Discover Casa Maria Luigia with Massimo Bottura
Take a tour of the new hotel the famous chef and his wife have created, and recently opened, near Modena, Italy.