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Lessons Learned

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition’s Seven Sages are tasked with mentoring the young chefs and guiding them through the many challenges of the Grand Finale. But what advice would they have given to themselves when they were young chefs? We asked each of the Seven Sages to write a letter offering their insight, experience and wisdom to their younger selves when their journey in gastronomy was just beginning. 

Clare Smyth
Clare Smyth: "Love What You Cook, it Should Come From You"
Chef Clare Smyth, one of S.Pellegrino's Seven Sages, writes a letter to her younger self, imparting words of wisdom and professional advice, as part of our 'Lessons Learned' series.
Lessons Learned Gavin Kaysen
Gavin Kaysen: "Once You Learn to Cook, the Work Really Begins"
Chef Gavin Kaysen, one of S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy's Seven Sages, writes a letter to his younger self, imparting wisdom, advice and insight as part of our Lessons Learned series.
Enrico Bartolini lesson learned
Enrico Bartolini: "One Day You will be Ranked, Studied and Imitated"
Chef Enrico Bartolini, a mentor for SPellegrino Young Chef Academy competition and one of the Seven Sages, writes a letter to his younger self.
Manu Buffara Letter
A Letter to my Younger Self: "Many People Will Tell You 'No'."
Manu Buffara, one of the Seven Sages tasked with guiding contestants through the Grand Finale of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition, writes a letter of advice to her younger self. See what sage advice she gives.