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Kitchen Gadgets

Two intertwined forks holding a glitter heart.
Valentine's Day 2023: Say it with a gourmet gift
A list of gourmet gifts and kitchen gadgets for the foodie in your life, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Christmas Gifts for Chefs
Christmas Gifts for Chefs - From Socks to Scents
Take your pick of some of the best gifts for chefs and serious foodies this season, from chef shoes and socks to food-inspired scents. Read on.
Florentine Knives
The Best Kitchen Gear for Chefs 
There's kitchen gear, and then there's chefs' kitchen gear. Find out all the latest kit that no pro kitchen should be without in 2021.
GE kitchen hub
The Best Kitchen Gadgets 2021
Looking for kitchen gadgets for cooking at home? Look no further than this list of the best kitchen gadgets for 2021.
orange juice with bamboo straws ©iStock
Less Waste with Bamboo Straws
We can use less plastic in many ways. One of them is to use reusable bamboo straws. Find out how with Fine Dining Lovers.
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15 Kitchen Gadgets to Give this Christmas
Stuck for ideas for the cook in your life? Here are some great Christmas gift solutions for gadgets, appliances, subscriptions and classes for the win.
Black Friday Kitchen gear deals
Black Friday Deals for the Foodie in Your Life
Here are 10 of the best Black Friday deals for the foodie, chef or home cook in your life.
Socks for chefs
5 Different Socks Made for Chefs
Keeping feet in good shape is very important for people who stands up for many hours in a day: take a look at five of the best socks made for chefs
Food dehydrator tips | A dessert dish with translucent wild berry film
Things you probably didn’t know you could make with a dehydrator
Looking to introduce some new textures, flavours, and shapes to your cooking? Get yourself a food dehydrator and try out some of our ideas.
14 of the Best Lunch Boxes
Turn lunchtime into a treat with a practical and stylistic lunch box that'll make your food look so tempting you'll be the talk of the office.