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Kitchen Appliances

Food dehydrator tips | A dessert dish with translucent wild berry film
Things you probably didn’t know you could make with a dehydrator
Looking to introduce some new textures, flavours, and shapes to your cooking? Get yourself a food dehydrator and try out some of our ideas.
The Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer
The makers of this kitchen gadget say they have made the ultimate thermometer with lots of cooks and chefs backing it on Kickstarter.
Cutlery Holder Allows Water to Easily Drain When Drying
A great design for a cutlery holder that allows water to easily run into the sink when drying.
PSY Wants You To Buy A Kimchi Fridge
Do you love kimchi? Consider buying a kimchi fridge. If you need a little convincing, watch this promotional video from Gangnam Style singer Psy.
Easy Breakfast With The Mini Donut Factory
Would you like to sink your teeth into fresh homemade donuts? This gadget makes it happen in just 90 seconds