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Italian Icons

Pasta amatriciana.
Italian amatriciana: history and tips
Amatriciana is a source of Italian pride: here are the rules for making this famous pasta sauce.
Panna cotta with strawberries, sorbet and sugar work.
Everything you need to know about Italian panna cotta
Learn about traditional Italian panna cotta, a delicious creamy pudding you can't miss.
The 'Father of Tiramisu' Dies
Ado Campeol, said to be the creator of the Italian dessert tiramisu, has passed away. Find out more.
Alessandro Del Piero
Alessandro Del Piero: Home and Away in LA
Italian football legends don't come much bigger than Alessandro Del Piero. Fine Dining Lovers spoke to the former Juventus star and World Cup winner about his career, his love of food, and running his N10 restaurant in Los Angeles during the pandemic.
Buchette Del Vino
Florence Reopens Ancient Wine Holes
Merchants in Florence have re-opened the city's 'wine holes', first used during the 17th century's plague to avoid contact with customers. Today find Tuscan wines, spritz and gelato being served in this novel new social distancing measure!
Italian Icons: Pasta e Fagioli Soup (Pasta and Beans)
Dried or fresh beans, pasta, extra virgin olive oil and pepper: to prepare pasta e fagioli soup recipe you need only few ingredients. The result is surprising.
Italian Icons: the Sunday Roast Meat
How to prepare the perfect Sunday roast recipe, a die-hard tradition of a typical Italian family Sunday meal: find out ingredients and grandma tips.
Italian Icons: Traditional Italian Tortellini Recipe
Discover how to make Italian tortellini stuffed pasta, a traditional Italian recipe comprising dozens of shapes, different types of pasta dough and fillings.
Italian Icons: Homemade Gnocchi
A guide to authentic homemade Italian gnocchi, a traditional recipe usually prepared with potatoes: tips, ingredients and even some chef's touches.
Italian Icons: Spaghetti with Clams
How to prepare spaghetti with clams, a delicious and traditional Italian pasta recipe prepared with five ingredients only: find out the best cooking tips.